Horse drawn carriages for Weddings, Tours, Quinceaneras, & Special Events

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Pearl our Clydesdale brood mare, She is pulling one of our Limousine Carriages 

Our Future carriage horses Arial, June Bug & Silver you might look for them to be pulling your carriage around Austin in 2012 

As the Wheel Turns

Charlie & Elaine, Our first wedding job in Johnson City Texas. I always love the pictures with movement an the photographer did a great job capturing Charlie in action.

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions- we hope these help you to understand more about our company and our services!


What kind of horses do you use? All of our horses are full blooded Clydesdales. These magnificent animals originated in Clyde Valley, Scotland in the mid-18th century. They were bred for heavy work, such as hauling heavy objects and farming. A Clydesdale horse measures on average 16-18 hands, or about 6 feet tall at the shoulder and weighs between 1600 and 2000 pounds! Clydesdales are often called "Gentle Giants" because of their calm disposition. They often act like overgrown puppies! Our horses develop strong relationships with their owners and drivers.

Is it hard for them to pull the carriage? Clydesdales can pull 5-6 times their own weight on wheels. Considering that our carriages, fully loaded with passengers, weigh about the same as the horses themselves do- pulling a carriage is literally a walk in the park! More convincing is that a carriage is hitched to the horse- so if one of our 100 lb drivers can pull an empty carriage out of our carriage house, a 1800 lb Clydesdale can certainly pull a loaded one!

Do you use whips?Does it hurt the horses? Yes, all of our drivers have whips and no, it does not hurt them. We love our horses! The whips are not used to punish the horses, but are used sparingly, if needed at all, to direct the horse. Think of it as a tap on the shoulder as a gentle reminder- that's about how it feels to them.

Do the horses wear shoes? Yes, all of our horses wear metal horseshoes. They help protect the horse's hooves. The shoe bottoms have borium tips, which helps prevent the horses from slipping on any slick surfaces.

How long do the horses work? We follow a city ordinance, which clearly outlines how long and often the horses can work. It states that the horse can work up to 6 hours per day, 5 days a week. Even so- most of our horses only work 2-3 days a week, 4-6 hours a day, with plenty of rest breaks. Wouldn't you love to join their union?!

How safe are the horses? Draft horses are known for their easy-going, laid back personalities. They are experienced working among traffic and crowds, and are used to the sights and sounds of downtown. A couple of our horses even enjoyed watching the fireworks last July 4th!

Can we pet the horses? Yes, you can, but please ask the driver first. They can tell you where their horse loves to be pet most.

How clean are the horses? All of our horses are bathed and groomed before going out to work. They love being pampered! Also, all of our horses wear a 'diaper bag'. This bag attaches to the horse and carriage and prevents any messes from being left behind.

Are the drivers trained? All of our drivers go through a strict training period of 2-3 months. And considering most of our drivers were literally raised in a barn- all of them have worked with horses before. They are all experienced, professional drivers and know how to handle the horses in any kind of circumstance.

Is it fun to drive a carriage? We love our job! Getting to work with those magnificent Clydesdales and giving rides to such interesting people on our carriages is a dream job for us. Most of the drivers have daytime jobs, but drive carriages because they enjoy it so much!