Carriage Drivers Wanted

Horse drawn carriages for Weddings, Tours, Quinceaneras, & Special Events

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Horse Drawn Carriage Drivers Austin Texas

We have openings for horse drawn carriage drivers in down town Austin. Average pay $10.00 to $20.00 per hour, average work week hours 25. REQUIRES 4 nights a week including weekends. Some Horse experience is Required!  You must have a clean criminal history and good driving record. You may email your qualifications and abilities to us Reply to:, and we will send you the Application & some of the requirements to become a driver with us.  

Horse Carriage Driver Requirements:

 Must be able to get a city chauffeurs license. The requirements by the city are to have a Texas driver's license, good driving history covering the past 10 years and a criminal history from the state. The city will require you to pass a test on basic knowledge of the ordinances and site information on downtown Austin. We will help prepare you for the test. We also do drug test.

You must have some horse experience to be a driver. We will observe your abilities to handle a horse. If you don't have horse experience we will know. However we do have training programs if you have not had any horsemanship experiences (see below). We will teach you how to drive a horse. The lessons are free and hold a value of around $2000.00. If you would rather we can direct you to our pay to learn classes. Just let us know if you would rather pay to learn or work for free lessons. What to expect to pay the school for the education: 10 hours of class time is $300.00. Yours free if training to work with us as a carriage driver.

Drivers in Training:

You will not receive any pay until you have a license and some driving abilities in doing the job with some knowledge of giving tours.  How often you show up for training (estimated 80 to 100. hours, downtown hands on working with us and the horse & carriage, plus some homework  (of streets, business locations, and touring information)

All this will affect how soon you can start making money. Some people find out this is not an easy job. Work schedules are flexible but are affected by some of the city restrictions that relate to 8 to 5 work hours.

Also keep in mind this is more of a nighttime business, with some weekend days "type of Job". So you’ll be working when others are playing. With NOT a lot of time off, working in all kinds of weather. This Job is for REAL Cowboys & Cowgirls, you have to be a little tough, NO room of wimpiest here!

To get an interview and fill out a job application just send us a response by email to include information of your horse experiences. Please do not send any attachments for downloading unless we have talked and approved of the material sent. What you tell us about your horse experiences will be what is important to us.

What can you expect to make:

Drivers income on the average: $10. to $20. per hour depending on what days and how good they are with sales. Do not let money motivate you for this job because if you don't fit into the job as something you would want to do then your attitude will show in your sales! 

What to consider about this job:

 It is evening starting around 4 to 5 pm into late night, weekdays and weekends which conflicts with family and dating especially if you are into the night life party scene going out on the town kind stuff. You are working hours when your friends and family are wanting to go out and have fun. This is not a good job for a parent even with older children. You will be sleeping when others are getting up and ready for work. You leave for work at about 4:00 PM. You get home anywhere from 12 PM to 2 AM to see them sleeping. Your friends or family get up to see you sleeping while they get ready for their day, because you have only been in bed for a few hours.