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Below you will see carriages we have built and carriages we have for sale. Our related items: Horses, Harness, and more stuff. be sure to check out the rest of our website.  Thank you for stopping by and let us know if you need more information. God Bless

Carriages we have built!

Draft Driving Horses & Carriages for Sale 

John and I started training our own driving horses, mostly Clydesdale's just 3 years in to our Die Gelbe Rose Carriage business. That was in 1999 and not long after that, we started building our own carriages. our desire was to have new carriages but just like the "Johnny Cash song" we just could not cover the cost of a new carriage on a shoe string budge. [Plaining our Horse Carriage Building]

Now today we have built some nice carriages and we do not build for other people! The way someone gets one of our carriages is we sale them as used. All of our carriages are designed for heavy commercial use. They also will seat 6 big people comfortably. These are large carriages, and a small single horse will not look good on them. However it would be fine to put a team on them. 

Carriage Stuff For Sale

Horse drawn carriages for Weddings, Tours, Quinceaneras, & Special Events

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