5 Best Websites to Find High Quality Graphic Images for Free


Do you feel stuck in your design or illustration project? Then, the best solution for that is searching for inspiration. There are so many great websites that will give you so many image inspirations. But, if you want more than that, i.e. using the image to your design, then you need to be selective. There are not many websites that will give you free licensed images. Even though a website says that they are free, it is not actually guaranteed. You need to be really considerable.

In designing or illustrating, there are many elements. Sometimes each website offers very specific elements. And sometimes, they are not all free. It is good to get royalty free images when you are going to use it for your personal agenda. But, if it is for commercial use, you need to be much more careful because you need to do certain things like paying the subscription fee or citing the attribution. It will take time to select the all-royalty-free images. But, if you are in a hurry and need additional elements ASAP, then you should check out some of the websites for free images below.

1. Freepik

Among those bunch of free images websites, there are some of them which gain much more opularity than others. Some of them are good indeed because the free images and graphics options are really varied. But, some of them because there are some good quality images that are for free. It is because some websites sometimes do not offer free contents. Some of them are hybrid or free plus paid, some others are fully free, and some of them are fully paid. For the hybrid website, you can use Freepik. This one particular website is not only filled with so many options for free to use contents, but it also offers you a higher quality graphic image for paid users. You can choose the free ones for your daily use. But, if you are in a paid project, you can use the paid ones to get the better and higher quality of images.

The library and the collection of Freepik is known as one of the widest. This website offers you so many options for images. If you want to add some extra high quality images, you can find it in here. If you want to add some cool icons or cliparts, then you can always use the collections in Freepik. If you work as designers or illustrators and you need to add some elements in vectors, Freepik will always offer you a bunch of options. Other than those options, the strength of Freepik is in the templates and infographics. Especially calendar templates, you can always make the work of designings and illustrating much quicker and easier by accessing the website. What's more, Freepik is also known as a highly frequently updated website.

2. PNGTree

Not many websites can really support the needs of adding elements to enrich the visual look of a document. Some of them somehow label themselves as free images websites. But, if you visit them, sometimes you just cannot download it freely. Sometimes you need to sign up first. And sometimes, it still does not work. You cannot get what you choose unless you pay with some money. It is good when you are working on a paid project. But, it will be bad if you work for your own. That is why, you need to start looking for the true unpaid image websites. You then can check on PNGTree.

This website has been used by so many people. These image resources are legit. You can find almost any kind of images that you really need. The free images are so varied. It is coming from vectors, illustrations to pictures. You can use it for your design inspiration or combination as well. Another good thing about this website is that it will save you a lot of time since the interface is so easy to understand. The sorting features are perfect. You can select any kind of image extensions from png to jpg. Also, you can choose what format you want to download from PSD to EPS. It is all there, you just need to use the right keyword. Even though you do not have the right keywords, you will have keyword recommendations from PNGTree. This website is just so cool and exactly what you need.

3. Vecteezy

There are so many kinds of extension or variety in a digital image. There are icons, images, photos, graphics, and also vectors. Some people who are already into the designing or any related areas will be familiar with vectors. But, if you are not in that area or you are new to the area, you need to know what vector is. It is an element or a kind of image that is created to be modified by others. Unlike images which the element cannot be modified, vectors are allowed to be modified almost in anything. That is why it is very good for designers or illustrators. If you are working on it now and you need some help, you can access Vecteezy to get the best vectors for your help.

But, why Vecteezy. Indeed, there are so many free vector websites available on the market now. if you type free vector websites, you will get a hundred thousand options to go through to get the vectors freely. But, not all of them are actually free. Besides, not all of them which are free offer high quality vectors. That is why, you need to take a look inside Vecteezy. This great website offers you a comprehensive and wide variety of free vector images. Whether you want to get the free or paid options, you will never miss the most qualified vectors. Also, getting what vector that you need is much easier and quicker because the collection can be sorted by keywords or categories. With that feature, you can choose the best options offered by at the same time saving a lot of time.

4. FlatIcon

Graphics are varied. It ranges from a high quality and high resolution image to a high quality symbol. Each variation has its own home. Some websites can be used to access almost anything. But it is very rare. Websites will have a really specific variation to access. It is the same with FlatIcon. This website will give you a bunch of options for icons. It is especially for icons. You can almost find any kind of icons in all kinds of industries. In fact, you can get very rare icon options. This website is also considered as one of those many websites that give a complete range and variation of icons. And what is best about it is that this website will provide you icons free.

FlatIcon does not only offer you a collection of varied icons. It also provides you with a bunch of formats. With the wide options of formats, you can use the icons for any kind of documents you have. It is because sometimes each document needs to use different kinds of additional elements. By accessing the FlatIcon, you can choose the supported icons. Almost all kinds of icons provided in FlatIcon are also equipped with the ability to be modified. Not only choose the best supporting icon, you can also modify the icons so that it fits with your documents theme. The same with other free graphic images websites, FlatIcon is also guaranteed that all of its icons are already licensed with free to use. But, you need to make sure that you include the attribution of the icon makers.

5. Pinterest

Pinterest is just like an advanced version of Instagram. Through Instagram, you can get inspiration for anything. It is the same with Pinterest. What makes it more exciting is that this website offers a huge collection of activities. You can start your own paper crafts from scrolling the pinterest. You can also start decorating your own home with such a different look from images in Pinterest. You can find any kind of new recipes for your family dinner on this website. The options are so varied. When you have arrived to your inspiration, you just need to ‘pin’ it. Then, you can check it later to continue your activities.

What makes Pinterest outstanding from other image websites is that this website is very strong in providing information based on pictures. You can just type anything you want then you will be offered by a ton of images that represent the text. You will never get lost after because the interface is just great. It is so helpful. You can find what pictures you need in a split second. The plugins are also a bigger help in supporting your image search. In fact, you can even dig back into the past. With only typing the exact keyword, you can always find so many pictures that were posted decades ago.

You can find your additional elements of your designs to the recipes for your dinner from free image websites. But, actually not all of them are free. For personal use, it is most likely free. But, it will be paid for commercial use. If it is just for fun or for having inspiration, you just need to check those five websites. Those will give you a huge collection of inspirations.  

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