Content Creation Process: 5 Steps to Get It Done

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Making content is as if you are going to a destination; you need a map to get the way and you are the driver. There is certainly a journey to get it done. Fear not, because your muse is your readers and followers on the platform. You can still create the most entertaining and educating form of art, both for your own profit and also for other people's needs. 

1. Start with the main idea, keep it simple.

It has been a widely accepted belief that one magnificent invention comes from 1 idea. Even what you’re reading right now is the semblance of an ideaan idea to enlighten your content creation process. All of it is an attempt to get the right audience. But most importantly, it is your sun to light up the moon at night, by means of what shines your content.

Starting with the main idea as your first step to make content is crucial to do. It is because you can get clear steps from the beginning to the end result, or so-called brainstorming. There might as well be a new inspiration for the upcoming content, whether it is in a form of an article, video, graphics, or much more.

If you are familiar with the word ‘mindfulness,’ it should be instant for you to get 1 highlight of the topic. Indeed, it doesn’t always have to be a big master plan. Instead, it is as simple as activities you do and love every day. You can even think about something you found on the streets, the articles you read last night, video blogs about daily life and value, and so on.

To do so, you can either make a note on a book or phone for every time you catch a concept or make a mind map if it is easier for you to draw the rest of the idea. You are free to add colors like highlighters, sticky notes, and so on. As it entertains you, you will be confident to continue the next step.

The result: You will see the path to the next round, which is doing research. You still need a clear picture of what interests visitors in reality.

2. Do research, find the data needed.

After 1 simple spark of an idea, you know what you must find to check based on what people are facing right now. In other words, your research can make a new angle of your content. It doesn’t always mean a fact from numbers and tables or even lists of things of accomplishments. Readers nowadays like the opinion from facts and some of them spend some time checking it side-by-side.

On this step, you haven’t really started your article. But, you have to find your own spot, meaning that you have to get deeper into something that you are passionate about. There are many pieces of insights you can take from your research. With your own creativity and growth mindset, you can gather the puzzle one by one which leads to a new form of art.

Even if you are already an expert on the topic, you have to avoid making the same content as it’s been previously published. Especially if you rely on the internet organic search, it can affect your web traffic too. By doing this step, not only will you gain from different perspectives but also refresh the old ones. 

As a result, you must organize your content-making process. Here are the tips and hints on delivering the piece at a right time through the searching method:

  • You can do it in 10 to 20 minutes, depending on the content you are making such as writing, infographic, short video, and so on.
  • Only take 1 to 3 relevant sources; can be from articles, books, audio, or annual reports. Don’t forget to look back at the main idea you’ve got earlier.
  • You can combine both numbers and graphics with the summary of results. Choose whichever you find comfortable yet still informative for the audiences.

3. Ensure your content is in the right direction.

Your game almost starts. The last 2 steps guide you to get you to the destination and as for now, you make your own map from the starting point to the finish line. This is the phase where you can start drafting or outlining. Let’s begin our fun part of the process.

Creating content is supposed to be enjoyable because it begins with you as a creator. Imagine you make your own world and people like it. Since you are the handler, you can make the exploration as interesting as it can be. You can make it from the form of the post; a short one or a long narrative, an infographic or entertaining-educating video, and many more. There is also the tone you have to make as the limit, so it stays on 1 frame.

Again, you have to reflect on the topic you want to discuss. You also have to put your feet in the reader’s shoes. For instance, a blog about life should be easy to read in 3 minutes or so and a short analysis video can take up to 7 minutes with thoroughly interesting discussions with questions and answers. In the case of pictures, the size of the clipart and font must balance, both the message and layout colors.

Another hack you can use to enlighten the direction is by using 5W+1H; What, Who, When, Where, Why, and How and senses; smell, taste, hear, touch, and see. You can also get inspiration from your favorite author or artists. There is something you can connect with between you as the producer or ‘god’ with those people who work in the creative industry.

4. Define headlines for your content.

Before you really get into the final touch, you have to decide the headline for your content. It is advisable to not write from the very beginning because you can change your mind after the paragraphs have finished. Still, it is the crucial part because the majority of people will examine the text based on what you catch from 1 sentence or phrase.

In total, nearly 80 percent of people will only read the headline and the rest of 20 percent of them are the ones who will do the click and read on your page. As a consequence, the choice of words in the headline and coherency with the content must be exceptional by means of people who will go to the link and look through the content(s) you posted. If it is the one that they need the most, yours will most likely be shared with their peers, resulting in more views on the page.

There is no restriction on when you should jot down a few words for the headline. You can do so in the beginning if it is what you came up with the main idea. Throughout the process, you will find what’s the best for your content, as it must attract people to watch or read. In fact, some people who work in the industry, like copywriters, can create 20 to 30 varieties of headlines to decide on 1 product. You might as well make this from scratch as you did in mind mapping the content.

For most of us, time is money. Thus, if you have a lot of tasks to be done at a time and there’s no minute left for writing the headline, you can find it on the headline generator website. The only thing you need is to type 1 word that is close to your content. There are results that might be suitable for your creation. Finally, you can submit the article or tutorial video at the right time.

5. Write, proofread and publish.

At this stage, you already have the outline for your content. That, too, doesn’t necessarily have the points of ideas you are going to do. You are free to write whatever you have in mind, as it can cut the time. Then, before the proofreading stage, you have to keep the sentence ‘done is better than perfect.’ Remember, you already settle the angle for the story, so the topic is well-packed for the audience.

Checking all the typos, inconsistencies of the sentences, grammatical errors and punctuation is your next important task. Linguistically speaking, the rules of each unit has their own purpose for delivering the meaning that audiences are about to digest in your brain. Some people see your content as a way not only to learn something new but also to learn the language. These days, though, the words you pour in affect the internet search. Proofread is important to tidy up your content into one cohesive piece of information.

Finally, the 1 task is over. The readers can consume your content right away, as they have been waiting for a new topic of discussion. Despite other deadlines lining up to your schedule, you can still tackle the rest with these strategies to keep up your strategy to invite more followers:

  • Use the Pomodoro method. It is the 25-5-15 method, in which you work for 25 minutes, then take a short rest for 5 minutes, and after 4 times of both taking focus and break, you can have 15 minutes rest. This is to rest your eyes from being too long in front of a screen and to refresh your mind.
  • Drawing a table for important and urgent tasks. There are a lot of temptations when you begin the creative process, especially during the research. You can divide the table into 2 rows and 2 columns. After that, from left to right, it is the level of importance and urgency from the highest to the lowest.
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