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Let me remind you about the most simple foundation to make a paragraph; 5H + 1W. There must be 1 and more lines that follow this pattern. That is why, today, we will get through this basic for developing more engaging content on all online platforms, both for business and personal branding.


What is engaging content?

When you hear the word ‘engaging’, what’s the first thing that pops out in your mind? In my mind, it requires a ‘relationship’ or kind of an attachment with 1 and more people. Then, we connect with the noun ‘content.’ You can never change it to a verb or other terms. In consequence, this one content must be attachable. But what is it really meant to be?

The content in general must be for everyone. It is true that, if you’re the creator, you create it with all of your knowledge and passion. The aim of what you’re making has to be for the target market. You’ve spent some time writing and editing the article, for example, but so does your reader. They go to your content to get something and also spend some of their spares to learn and digest it for their lives.

What kind of ‘engaging content’ does it mean?

It is supposed to have a ‘hook’ that can entail other entities, by means of the people who engage the content. But it is not as simple as that. These people or you might as well call them visitors, have their own motivation when clicking the content. While it is part of the result, you have to focus on the process of making engaging content.

In each step of the making, there are motives that stand behind the structure. First, it is based on what your readers need. The data can be found from research, fact check, and many more, as long as there’s relevancy and the topic is on the top spot. After that, the content evokes the readers to keep learning, so there’s the outcome, both from the creator and consumer. Don’t forget the entertaining aspects otherwise, they will stay just temporary in the readers' eyes. For the renewed ones, make sure to make the freshest still. As if writing a novel, you can do so with a sort of emotional connection through the words and graphics you pour in.


Who is actually the audience?

The audience is of course human being. Depending on your area, either a personal site or for business, they can be your customer, people who put their specific interest in a topic, and so forth. They are the people that you must focus on, so you know the flow of the content for the long term. The work doesn’t ready at one night. Instead, you have to keep developing it to the most despite the year by the time make the content. 

All they want to do is just to get new information and learn different skills or whichever they prefer. For instance, from a product review article, not only will get to know the product, but also the strength and weakness if you have the item in your house. The visitors, too, can be from different parts of the world and some of them might be looking for a connection through a group of the same interest or else.


Why should you make engaging content?

In fact, being appeared through content can be an investment, other than just selling the product or being present as an internet person like on a day to day basis. These days, too, social media as the medium can be the digital marketplace to gain a certain profit. The visitors can feel like they are in the physical store because they can write their comments in the comment section, as well as make notes of the rating. 

As a result, people will recognize your brand, as known as brand awareness, especially if your selling point is different and has unique insights from others. You are free to upload the content such as a relevant article with the e-handbook as the attachment of the product that people can take a lesson from, a tutorial video that connects a link to buy the item, and so forth. Again, the web guests have their own intention when they get into the site.


When should you upload the content?

In truth, there is no restriction on when to post the graphic or article on the social media account. But, the more you do it, the more engagement grows on the domain. However, exaggeration is not always good, too. Thus, to minimalize that, you can make a content calendar as your task as the creator. The topic might as well be based on the current happening issues or a certain celebration.

You can set up the calendar for a week or a month. As being organized gives you advantages, in this case, you will be able to see a clearer concept of the content. Consistency is the key to do so. Worry no more, because once you get used to it, you know the flows just well.

Will it be expired?

An expired content doesn’t always the main problem. Still, there is a possibility if the site has its limitation date. For instance, e-commerce doesn’t sell products anymore, an out-of-date job vacancy, and an e-ticket for events. Most of them are expired because there’s something new to the launching or just simply discontinue it at all. 

As it is not always the case, content like an article has no time limit, usually, unless it is deleted by the admin. Even so, people can find it years after the release because it appears on the first page of the search engine. In doing so, you have to just keep up your work, while little by little it produces profit.


Where can I post the content and get the engagement?

We must think about things that are happening in the now, including all ways to live in this digital era. There are many kinds of social media platforms available for devices you may have in your hand. These options are your opportunity to wisely choose which one is the best for your needs, both personally and the public at large. 

Every decision you make is valid. Whether your company is small or not, the primary thing you can try is to exist on social media. People nowadays are on Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter to share things and also spill their talents there. As they grow, the team behind the app helps different kinds of parties to acknowledge the engagement. That is why you can reply to a request through the direct message section and see the highlights of weekly visitors. 

Flowing from social media, you can also attach the related links, either it is the website of the whole articles or the things you sell online. While that’s the case for most businesses, for the education area, there are various video platforms, like YouTube and online course sites alike, namely Skillshare, even a videoconference platform to get more personal. You might as well check the content all the time, as long as the gadget is with you and at the right time, such as at a break.


Use subheadings

The usage of subheadings is specifically for articles. If you usually make the outline first, these structures are already the strong foundation of 1 content. These, too, have the power for the system inside the search engine to crawl to scan and the readers to get the gist of the content. All of the subheadings include the title, as it automatically goes to the H1 heading, then H2, and so forth, including numbering and bullets. This works for video making as well. It is called a time stamp. But, the function is mostly for the watchers to get easier to click on a certain minute in the video.

Use your tone

You probably realize that making content is a form of communication, and so is art. As the creator, you sort of telling a story to the audience, as if a painter that gives color to the sketch. Each word has its own color that you digest in your life. Consumers love original and fresh content. All you need to do is just stay true to the topic, title, and specific keyword that people will most likely search. With the tone, you can also gain trust with the readers from many different backgrounds and places.

Variety of contents in 1 site

Although your intention is also to entertain the viewers, all of them have different approaches to understand 1 topic at a time. A plain content, with only 4 to 6 paragraphs or 5 to 10 minutes video might bore some of them. The effect is probably temporary. But with a random quiz, GIF, colorful chart and slideshow, even a webinar, they will be guided to the next story and the application in real life. As many people agree, “show, don’t tell.”

Sharable and has a comment section

As this has been repeatedly explained, you make the content for people to consume for their long-term needs. You are free to ask them the future possible content that may interest them and other visitors to check it out. There is a chance to build a community surrounds the topic. For example, there is an open discussion to talk through about a certain interest from the content.

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