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These days, getting inspiration, ideas, and new knowledge is a piece of cake; you can get it anywhere on the internet, especially when your work revolves around digital marketing. Based on facts, the practices keep growing from time to time, depending on one aspect to another. 

Worry no more, because we're all in this together. There are a number of communities that will guide you from level 1 to the expert. From being the counselor to trainers for online marketing, they fit your needs, both individual and company. 

1. The Moz Blog

The Moz Blog is the one site you need to know if you need SEO’s best advice, tips and hints, how-to steps, updates, and its own services to optimize your content. The beginner-friendly side lies on the blogs that are easy to read and are written by contributors of its experts and free to worth-to-paid online courses to develop the skills. You can always choose the paid and free tools for your own needs.

Born in 2004, the founders, Rand Fishkind and Gillian Muessig believe that there are a lot of passionate people in this field for the sake of the growth of digital marketing. Until today, the web has developed its own SEO tools, along with growing with the community and giving education to those who are apt to learn something new about SEO skills. The focus of the lessons is around the basics, keyword research, and rankings and traffics among other competitors.

With the aim to improve search ratings, drive traffic, and attract customers, you can choose between Moz Pro and Moz Local. Moz Pro or as also known as all-in-1 Website SEO can be free in a 30-day trial. This one menu is more technical than the other selection, Moz Local because it covers all from keyword research, link building, site audits, and page optimization. The next one that is so-called SEO-integrated business listings, is only to bridging with customers, in the case of online business.

You can also learn more about Local Marketing, Marketing Resources, and Moz Solution. There are a lot of attempts to get acknowledged by people surrounding you by the scores you can check on the service. If you are the expert wannabe, there is the certificate for the courses you take from Moz. Any size of businesses is welcomed by the team to get guidance.

2. Convince & Convert

Convince & Convert specializes in Content Marketing. To be specific, there is the area for social media, a special portion for influencer marketing, the word-of-mouth technique, and customer experience that you will learn from the experts of these areas. There are blogs you can read through that are written especially for you by the top contributors of the practice. For your daily bread, you can subscribe to the newsletter for more updates, as well as the audio stories through a series of podcasts.

The founder, Jay Bayer, has already been in this area of expertise since 1993. Up until now, the organization is more like a therapist than an agency. The team believes that everybody is already on the right track but just needs more guidance along the way to reach the goals. There are strategies that will lead you to success.

Since Convince & Convert focuses on content marketing, social media, digital marketing, and customer experience, you can always check the trends and updates on the website ranging from consulting, training, email, and content creation, to case studies. Instead of the whats, you will be enlightened by the how-tos, thus it will be easier for you to understand what you need to acknowledge in these areas.

There are certain industries that Convince & Convert will gladly help you to succeed with online marketing. They are Higher Education, B2B Tech SaaS, Financial Services, Travel and Hospitality, and Hospital and Healthcare. It is flexible to choose from the solutions, do’s and don’ts, and programs to solve your organization’s problems. If you want the free source, you can either subscribe to the mailings, read the blogs, or listen to the audio version of the lessons.

3. Content Marketing Institute

As you have read from the brand, Content Marketing Institute has programs like no other, namely events for content marketing organizations, Chief Content Officer magazine, and consulting, training and education in 1 website. Even if you are a rookie in the industry, you’re still able to read the free articles for the 101 digital content marketing. You will be directly guided by the communities from the very basic skills up to the best advice from the webinars, white papers, and valid research within the area of digital marketing.

Joe Pulizzi established the community in 2011. You still find it today that the program still speaks to the area of education about the progress of content marketing. Content Marketing Institute explores the whys, resulting in you know what you’re doing in the next step. As a result, you will be a professional in this field of modern marketing. This area of interest is supposed to be fun, like art and science.

The information is packed into the step-by-step, essentials for a successful program, ebook of examples, and a gathering with the community of this market. The topic ranges from, obviously content marketing and content strategy. You can also check your team’s everyday progress within the topic through the blog posts, or might as well be the contributors, the annual reports, and sign as the awardee for Content Marketing Award if you want to showcase your result.

Other topics you can check are ROI and Measurement, Video and Visual, Social Media, SEO, Audience Building, Strategy, Content Operations, Content Distribution, and Industry News. The articles are clear enough for all levels and you might get the chance to have a 1-on-1 with the contributors for a connection. One article connects to each other, along with the keywords and length of reading.

4. Marketing Land

Marketing Land covers what you need for trends in digital marketing these days, especially if you are already familiar with the ins and outs. Yet, if you are new to the trends and expertise, you can still take the free-to-read articles as your own stepping stone to continue the journey here. There is much-updated information from the community on digital marketing, with different angles; stories, news, trends, and other announcements.

For a more specific topic, Marketing Land has 2 more children; MarTech Today and Search Engine Land. For those who are keen on technology in marketing best practices, cases, and strategies of the activity, MarTech is the first site you should consider first. Not only it channels marketing, but also advertising, content, social, commerce, analytics, and management. Whereas Search Engine Lab focuses on SEO, SEM, Local, Retail, Google, Bing, and Social. In case you are wondering which one you should click first, the only thing you can examine yourself is with the most relevant to what’s in front of you.

The organization also has 2 large annual events to connect with other people in the area, MarTech Conference and SMX. One explores more of the crucial changes, challenges, and opportunities and is led by senior marketing experts, while the other one is universal-both marketing and search engine practices for the very best of your company’s reputation. Other options for the weekly to daily updates are webinars, research, and white papers.

As a community of digital marketing, there must be a unique approach to keep the other practitioners. There are free resources that you can download for free. You can learn SEO, PPC, Digital Commerce, and email delivery as organized as a periodic table. The team also has compelled the guides around the area of B2B, analytics, and buyers.

5. Econsultancy

All of the above have an interest in digital marketing in general. Econsultancy is one of a kind, but deeper you can get to know eCommerce, data and analytics, and mobile. Most of them are articles and have been well-packed from the analysis of the experts. You might as well subscribe for the in-depth features this blog offers. The level of difficulty, too, is beyond borders, meaning that anybody can learn from the posts effortlessly.

The organization is part of Xeim, the bridge among marketing consultancy. Thus, the aim is to spread knowledge, skills, and mindset for all digital marketing and alike communities. There is also the training to improve leadership and transformation, enlightening the decision on digital marketing and eCommerce. From the professional team, they always show what great actually looks like, along with integrity, experience, and knowledge.

If you want to get deeper with the marketing topic, Econsultancy concludes Digital Marketing Channels, Strategy and Planning, and E-Learning and Skill Assessment. Should you find the paid content, you can still read the free articles for the first approach. The assessment station is like no other, which you can self-review your performance, as well as your organization’s. For the final result, there might be certification if you pass the test of competency in Digital Marketing.

You can also deep dive into Advertising, B2B Guides, Content, CX Guides, Data Guides, Ecommerce Guides, Email and CRM Guides, People and Skills, Search Guides, and Social guides. They are the most updated and easy-to-read for many people in the ecosystem. The contributors are the chosen ones of the industries, so it must be a worth-it visit for you and your business.

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